The Weekly Metaverse Business Brief

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A weekly round of of the most important stories in the Metaverse.

A weekly round of of the most important stories in the Metaverse.

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Lenovo Shocks the Enterprise Market and Walmart's Move into Metaverse

Lenovo announces a new headset in Enterprise VR Push. The device looks to create an easy-to-use, self-contained VR ecosystem for businesses. Lenovo intends that the product be used for tasks like employee training and virtual collaboration. Pricing will be di…


Pico challenges Quest 2's market & Nvidia launches Omniverse Cloud

ByteDance’s new Pico headset to compete with the Quest 2, Sony’s PSVR 2 will not be backwards compatible with PSVR games and Niantic has launched Lightship VPS for Web.


Pico throws their hat in the ring and Disneyland goes full Metaverse

Pico teases upcoming showcase with a new VR headset release, PSVR 2 breathes life into VR gaming and Disney wants people to experience their parks in the Metaverse.


Quest Pro gets leaked, HTC Vive upgrades itself and LG buys into NFTs

HTC is now releasing two add-ons for the Vive Focus 3, Meta Connect 2022 event in October will tease Project Cambria and LG looking to incorporate NFTs into their Smart TV.


Nvidia pushes for HTML of the Metaverse and Apple's headset has a name? - Issue #7

Nvidia pushes for a protocol called 'Universal Scene Description' to be the foundation for the Metaverse, Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset has a name and Meta Platforms Inc signed an agreement with Qualcomm Inc to produce custom chipsets.


Sony Playstation VR2 Faces off with Meta's New VR Headset - Issue #6

Sony says the PlayStation VR2 is going to launch in early 2023, Mark Zuckerberg says Meta VR headset will launch in October and The BFI London Film Festival announces their immersive lineup.


More Meta Controversy? Apple's 1.5m Headsets, BIG Walmart investments

Meta announced that Horizon Worlds is now available in France and Spain. Apple plans to ship approximately 1.5 million units of its upcoming AR/VR headset. The Walmart-owned Flipkart Venture funds announced that it will be investing in six startups.


Virtual Real Estate Crashes, $100m Fund Launches & Nvidia Go All In - Issue #4

At the SIGGRAPH 2022 conference, Nvidia revealed their latest set of software innovations for computer graphics and a series of technology innovations that will bring the metaverse and AI closer together than ever before. Nvidia also announced their Omniverse…


Conjoined Twins Separated by VR, Resident Evil 4 and Zenith Fight for VR Game of the Year

Brazilian twins who were joined at the head have been successfully separated with the help of virtual reality. The teams spent months trialling techniques using virtual reality projections of the twins, based on CT and MRI scans. Mr Jeelani told the PA news a…


Meta in trouble, Variant raise $450m & VR Chat blocks Mods

Starting in August, Meta's Quest 2 VR headsets will go up in price by $100. Meta said, through a spokesperson, that they are “adjusting the price of the Meta Quest 2 headsets to enable us to continue investing in ways that will keep driving this increasingly …


Weekly Metaverse Business Brief - July 25 2022

Microsoft is shifting its focus to a software-led Metaverse strategy. The company will be focusing on building the software infrastructure that will power the metaverse, this is a move from the company's previous focus on hardware, such as the HoloLens. Micro…